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Wednesday, 09 March 2016

Electrical Engineer Job Requirements

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Sex:Male, below 36 years old.

Educationallevel: Degree in E&A Engineering field from university


-       Work experience on board ships is preferred, but not mandatory.

-       At least 3 years of experience in designing E&A system; Marine application is a plus.Have experience in electrical and mechanical works in ship building projects (installation equipment on ship, generator control system, pump stations, transformer station bridges, AMS, PMS, etc.)

-       Able to understand English technical documents and communicate in English;


-       Experienced in computer applications i.e. Word, excel, Power Point, Auto Cad and other computer software. Knowledge of automation and PLC programming techniques is a plus.

-       Teamwork. Ability to work in teams and independently.

-       Good communicative skills.

-       Analytical and problem-solving skill. Hard working & enthusiastic

-       Willingness to travel and attend training in Holland;

Electrical Engineer Job description:

     1.    At factory:

-       Control of the document list and received documents from Van DerLeun NL. Defining the electro technical design (for example, E-balance, one line diagram, I/O list, alarm list, cable trays etc.)

-       Make and update Block diagram; layout drawings.

-       Design Working diagram/connection diagram for all panels of project

-       Make material list:  Calculate and chose component for all element in drawings. Checking the certification of electrical installations and equipment.Assisting the review of quotations and specifications of subcontractors

-       Create production form: When the engineering of a cabinet is finished (internal or external) a production form needs to be created. This form informs all departments about the requirements of the cabinet. It informs about delivery time, classification, etc.

-       Maintain local standard material list :Materials from the standard material list are been checked with the local markets, and checked if they are the same quality.

-       System engineering: is one of member of project organization. Work together with global project team.

-       Supporting production with electrical related issues according to standard technical rules of company

-       Make report and do other assignedtasks  by teamleader

-       Testing inside the workshop:When the cabinets are produced in the workshop the cabinet needs to be tested. The test is done based on physical inspection as on functional working of the cabinet. Support to do  Factory Acceptance Tests

     2.    For the site :

-       Delivery of service and commissioning works: Responsible for the proper maintenance and repairs of the electrical equipment/ systems maintained on board. With new building vessel, supervisor for installation electrical equipment on the ship (Pulling cable, installation and connect cable for motor, generator, MSB, ESB, Alarm panel, bridge console…). Responsible for the final check of the cabinet; do cold wire test and complete pre commissioning work to invite classification or customer. Assisting in commissioning of electrical systems, mainly automated system after installation and connected cable( bow thruster, drive frequency, alarm panel, steering gear system, telephone, fire detector, duty alarm, general alarm, generator, ...etc)

-       Review arrangement/construction drawings: After the shipyard finished the arrangement drawings they need to be checked for completeness. If there not complete the cabinets needs to be added on the arrangement drawings. The components and cabinets can be checked with the panel list and equipment list

Check and update Cable routing and cable bundling with length.


• Contact Description:
- Please send your application by online, email or direct to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
• Contact Name:Mr Khanh

Phone number: 0962.602.233


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