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Services & Strategic Maintenance

Van der Leun is your 24/7 partner for all your repairs, whether planned or unplanned. Our global network enables us to support our customers anywhere and anytime. Our worldwide network enables us to address your problem quickly. If necessary, a Van der Leun technician can arrive at your ship at short notice, regardless of its location anywhere in the world. This means that any disruptions affecting your ship will not last longer than strictly necessary.

For preventive maintenance, you can opt for the Van der Leun ship scan. This involves a technical scan of the whole installation on your ship. Our scan tests circuit breakers, protection systems, software, networks, and starters. Our thermographs can check the installation for hotspots. We also measure engine vibrations to determine worn bearings and poor alignments before failures occur. The insulation value of cable work is also tested for compliance with the required standards. Thanks to such preventive maintenance, ship downtime, or production dips can be prevented.

Advice and repairs
Developments in technology and electronics are fast-paced. For this reason, Van der Leun also focuses on the renovation and retrofitting of existing marine installations. A hardware-update will ensure that your installation is up-to-date. A software-update will ensure maximum efficiency of your existing systems. This is often a cost-efficient solution for modernizing your fleet without premature investments in new vessels. It often also provides an opportunity to extend the functionality of the system according to your needs and wishes. Together we can continue to achieve maximum fleet efficiency.

Through the Van der Leun international network, we can provide fast and accurate service for technical issues anywhere in the world, either locally or in remote locations. From our headquarters in the Netherlands, we can also easily log into all our systems. This allows us to analyze and resolve failures in cooperation with our local personnel.

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