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A PLC is either a programmable logic controller or a electric device with a microprocessor where its outputs go forward to its inputs, based on the information. In most cases, we use the programmable logic controller of WAGO, a German company who is especially famous and enjoys high reputation in the sector. We design customized PLC in our area of work, both maritime and industry, with which we are enabled to develop a great diversity of management systems, including those which you desire. Speaking of products, the following one will always come to your mind: TOPIC, a management system which records the ‘total pipe characteristics’, or CMS, which makes the management of crane insightful and operable. Other examples are: SMA, Suction tube visualization (Meanwhile, its fourth generation has been developed.), DPC, the in-house developed dredging profile computer, or CEM, which monitors the efficiency of the cutter.

We integrate PLC and PC techniques into a smooth process. It requires experience, workmanship and knowledge of relevant products and services. It is these products and services that you will be most satisfied with by our company. Perfect integration of installation technique and drive technique will be guaranteed with us or by us.

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