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For shipyards all over the world, Van der Leun is the preferred supplier of integrated electrical installations. We think and design along with you from the very first drawing, so that the installation becomes a logical part of the ship's design. Our engineers are subsequently involved in every further part of the project right through to the commissioning phase, so that the quality Van der Leun is renowned for can be guaranteed. After commissioning, our global network facilities are always close at hand, offering a high service level and manageable costs.



We are a professional engineering partner for shipowners. We are highly experienced, and offer a wide range of custom solutions. Using our ship scan, we also monitor the performance of the systems after their commissioning. By carrying out preventive maintenance, we can minimize ship downtime. At the end of the life cycle of an installation, we can carry out retrofitting to give new life to a ship. Thanks to our worldwide network, shipowners can count on us on a 24/7 basis for service and maintenance.


Mechanical engineers

Van der Leun not only builds ship systems: our electrical installations are also integrated in the machines and parts of the best mechanical engineering companies for the maritime industry. A builder who opts for Van der Leun systems, opts for operational reliability, easy maintenance, and top performance. In this role we also back our products and offer service and maintenance to guarantee a long life cycle.



Technical wholesale

Van der Leun has a large production capacity of its own. Some of our engineered and manufactured products are in such high demand that we also produce them in series. As a manufacturer of a product range in the metalworking and electrotechnical industries, technical wholesalers also form part of our customer base. In this way, end-users can also experience Van der Leun quality off-the-shelf.



On- en offshore

Our specific know-how and extensive experience in the branch make us a reliable partner in onshore and offshore industries. We engineer and install systems on all kinds of ships for offshore operations. We have also gained vast experience in the engineering and production of systems that are able to withstand the harsh conditions on offshore platforms. Companies in this extremely demanding sector rely on our innovative solutions and high level of service.


Dredging companies

For an important part, our roots lie in the dredging world. We have been a supplier to, and a sparring partner for most of the larger dredging companies for years. The Van der Leun power management system, for example, makes the control of the hydraulic installation of a hopper dredger, visualization of dredging processes, and wireless control of a booster station possible. Other examples are degassing installations, and pump and load handling controls. Together with our customers, we constantly seek to improve the automation of dredging processes.


Industrial and non-residential builders

We are specialists in the installation and maintenance of fully integrated electrical installations in warehouses, offices, and stores. In these areas too we use the same methods we have developed to perfection in the maritime sector: from the engineering phase to commissioning and, together with the customer, we build the most efficient installation possible with optimal performance characteristics. Of course we are happy to take responsibility for service and maintenance as well, either on a subscription or an on-call basis.

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