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Sex:Male, below 36 years old.

Educationallevel: Degree in E&A Engineering field from university


-       Work experience on board ships is preferred, but not mandatory.

-       At least 3 years of experience in designing E&A system; Marine application is a plus.Have experience in electrical and mechanical works in ship building projects (installation equipment on ship, generator control system, pump stations, transformer station bridges, AMS, PMS, etc.)

-       Able to understand English technical documents and communicate in English;

Sex:Male, Below 30 years old.

Educationallevel:Graduated from college relating electrical field. Marine application is plus.


-       Have experience in electrical and mechanical works on board ( installation equipment on ship, pulling cable, wiring connection cable outside to panels ...)

-       Have knowledge on electrical switchboard production at workshop ( install layout of panels and make wiring connection inside panels as drawings )

-      Good at reading Electrical drawings/ connection diagram. Can speak English is an advantage

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- Design and supervision (control material and installation electrical equipment in new ship building) In office: To prepare Mechanical or Electrical designs included calculation and drawing, based on standards and building codes, under the supervision of experienced local and expatriate engineers.

- For the site: support from experienced local and expatriate engineers, to review shop drawings, to supervise the quality of work of the M&E Contractors, to look after program, monthly claim, defects, installation and testing plan, to witness the test and commissioning of the M&E contractors, etc to ensure the project will be completed on time, right quality and within the budget.

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