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Van der Leun is an experienced player in various mutually related fields in the maritime, construction, dredging, and offshore industries. This combination of knowledge and know-how has resulted in a number of solutions developed on an in-company basis that are unique in their kind. The common thread is always: efficient use of materials, a high level of reliability and opportunities for appropriate custom solutions for your project.

Electric Motors can be delivered in a variety of types. First the application is investigated to select the right motor. Criteria taken into account are the mounting of the motor, the environmental conditions to determine the cooling and protection degree and the specific requirments of the application.

These can result in extra features, like encoders, brakes and other accesories.

An emergency power supply system or no break system is indispensible in order to let your business function well without problems. Supposing that: important information suddenly disappears. To avoid it, we could adopt the emergency power supply system in which the alternating current will not be interrupted. Usually a combination of a UPS and an emergency power supply system is enabled. The UPS is responsible for the power supply during the first minutes, after which the emergency power supply system take it over and start charging, it charges the UPS as well. The computers keep on turning at least 30 minutes. You succeed in keeping your crucial data.

We are also in this aspect ready to help you with a secured promising business. Besides knowledge of the systems, we possess the possibility of a suitable design and a seamless integration of this kind of systems.

A PLC is either a programmable logic controller or a electric device with a microprocessor where its outputs go forward to its inputs, based on the information. In most cases, we use the programmable logic controller of WAGO, a German company who is especially famous and enjoys high reputation in the sector. We design customized PLC in our area of work, both maritime and industry, with which we are enabled to develop a great diversity of management systems, including those which you desire. Speaking of products, the following one will always come to your mind: TOPIC, a management system which records the ‘total pipe characteristics’, or CMS, which makes the management of crane insightful and operable. Other examples are: SMA, Suction tube visualization (Meanwhile, its fourth generation has been developed.), DPC, the in-house developed dredging profile computer, or CEM, which monitors the efficiency of the cutter.

We integrate PLC and PC techniques into a smooth process. It requires experience, workmanship and knowledge of relevant products and services. It is these products and services that you will be most satisfied with by our company. Perfect integration of installation technique and drive technique will be guaranteed with us or by us.

The Ward-Leonard system was the solution for the controlling DC electric motors, until it is replaced by rectifiers, based on thyristor technology.


We are specialized in replacements of old Ward-Leonard drives. The new system is based on a digital field controlling system, combined with a PLC.


Examples of projects are as follows:
Cap Martin (DEME) three winches + cutter
Vesalius (Jan de Nul): three winches, cutter + underwater pump
Aquarius (DEME-DCI): four winches, two cutter motors, two underwater pump motors
Deira Bay, Garhoud Bay (Gulf Cobla): three winches + cutter

A soft starter is a device that confines the starting current of an AC electric motor during the startup period of the motor .After the startup period of the motor, the soft starter switches on a power relay, which connects the motor to the power net. To restrict the starting current even more, currently frequency converters are being used, because frequency converters have better control of the current during the starting period, which will lighten the load of the power supply system. This type of soft starter is well known as super soft starter.

Recent projects:
Three AHTS (Damen Shipyard), three super soft starter for the bow thruster and  stern thrusters.
Two pump dredger (IHC), one super soft starter for the bowthruster.

We use frequency drives in situations where the rpm of AC electric motor should be controlled. When greater power is required liquid-cooled drives are applied. Beside the standard frequency drives, there are also AFE (Active Front End) drives, which can feed the released brake energy back to the power net. Moreover, several frequency drives can be linked together through a so-called “Common DC-bus”, so that the brake energy could be transmitted from one drive to another that is connected to the same bus.

Recent projects, in which we have applied this:

Matador-Matador 2: replacement of Ward Leonard drives by frequency drives: two AFE input, four hoisting winches, one top winch, five mooring winches and one runner winch.

Four cutter suction dredgers (IHC): one cutter, one underwater pump, seven winches
Two PSV’s: two propulsions, two loading pumps

DC drives convert a three-phase supply into a adjustable DC voltage. Before the rise of frequency drive, these kinds of drives were applied everywhere in the dredging industry and especially in winch, cutter and pump applications.

Examples of projects which have been carried out by us:

Vlaaderen 19 (DEME): replacement of two AC electric motors (star- delta starting) by two DC motors of 995 kW.
Kaveri (DEME): replacement of old drives with new digital ones: cutter, 1030 kW underwater pump, two *ladder winches and two side winches of 147 kW.

Marco Polo (Jan de Nul): replacement of old drives with new digital ones: Two ladder winches, two side winches and a spud winch.

There are all kinds of drives, with or without overload or specific application.
Drives are used to control the rpm and the torque of the motor.

We don’t only offer drives from the well-known brands, but we also provide calculation, design and installation.
Drives can be divided into the following categories: DC drives, frequency drives, static converters and Ward Leonard drives.

Security cameras have been widely applied for safety or in order to make it safer. We provide you also for other reasons. In this way, the operator would like to get a detailed picture of the status of the work, because sensors and detectors couldn’t make the specific information visible.




Nowadays this kind of systems is usually being seen on offshore ships, where strict requirements are even more important than maritime circumstances. CCTV is used as an extra facility to monitor the presence of personnel in the control room. We try our best to bring forward the most high-standard security plan.

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