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The application of fire detector is a hot item in the shipping sector. Security stands above all else, hence fire prevention is the highest priority. There is a great diversity of detectors. We offer and install fire detectors and smoke detectors, catering to relevant organizations.





A specific practice is that of flame detector in the engine room or that of a heat detector in resident houses. The latter can be useful if smoking is allowed by the ship owner.

Sometimes, our customers choose to buy an engineering package and/or a material package from us. And then they will do the installation by themselves or let a third party do it. It happens for example in countries, where a certain percentage of so-called ‘local content’ is mandatory. What is the composition of the parts is sometimes still not totally clear, but people would like to continue the preparation and construction.

In addition to the construction package, the customers choose us quite often as installer. Meanwhile, we are a reliable partner for a reason in the maritime sector, by means of our professional methods and services.

 The construction of lecterns on ship has been one of our specialties for a long time. Over the years, we have decided that we must gradually but determinedly fulfill to a new bridge concept that when we build a bridge, we should take not only functionality but also esthetics and ergonomics into consideration. The result is the Beta bridge. During the production of Beta bridge, attention has been paid to every detail, not only to ergonomics, functionality, esthetics, but also to practice.


Important characteristics are the rounded shapes, the divisibility of the lower- and upper part, the integration of diverse components and the functionality. In principle, every possible shape is available for our customers to choose from. Thanks to this total concept our beta bridge can achieve clearly recognizable and distinctive results.

In 2005, our company has developed our own Alarm Management System – Macs. It refers here to the software. The advantage of it is that the hardware is available all over the world and that we could supply the certified software.

The software is certified as project by Bureau Veritas, Lloyds’ and their Chinese counterpart, like the CCS (China Classification Society). Hence we are enabled to get more efficient deals, because our costs van R&D need not to be counted repetitively. The instruction is quite user-friendly, easy to extend and self-supporting, and therefore as consumer, you have actually nothing to worry about.

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